Community & Resilience

Physical and Mental resilience are important to all Jets!

What is Movember 'Ahead of the Game'?

Movember Ahead of the Game is a youth mental health program. It teaches players, parents, coaches, umpires and volunteers to understand mental health, build mental fitness and strengthen resilience. Players learn how to deal with challenges in both sport and life.

Ahead of the Game Workshops

Mental Health and Wellbeing at the AFL

Football Clubs are a great place to promote mental and physical health for their members. At the AFL, we understand that mental health exists along a continuum. Mental health isn’t something we either do or don't have. Our mental health is like our physical health - it changes over time in response to different experiences. We know that managing our mental health is important at every stage of the continuum.

Need help now? Call Lifeline 13 11 14, text 0477 131 114, call Crisis Help 000, or go to your local Hospital Emergency Department.

Disability (Different Abilities) Inclusion

Australian Football should be accessible to everyone! Check out the following link that details programs to make sure people with all abilities can enjoy playing footy!

First Nations and Cultural Diversity

Our great game is for everyone. The AFL has a range of programs for culturally diverse participants and players to increase engagement, develop new skills, recognise talent and increase social, health and wellbeing outcomes.

We are a Gold Medal Good Sports club

That means we are ahead of the pack when it comes to being a healthy, safe, inclusive club to play at.

What is Good Sports?
Good Sports is Australia’s largest and longest running health initiative in community sports. A free program for all Australian clubs, Good Sports aims to build stronger communities by championing positive change and helping to create safe and family-friendly clubs that thrive.

Gold Medal accreditation
Being a Gold Medal m means we have supportive, effective policies and action plans in place around:

  • Alcohol practices
  • Licensing requirements
  • Promotion
  • Tobacco management

We’re a proud Gold Medal Good Sports club! The Good Sports program:

  • Makes our club stronger by reducing risky drinking and creating a healthy club environment
  • Brings in members, volunteers and sponsors who are attracted to our strong organisation, community spirit
    and family-friendly values
  • Gives us free access to program staff, tools and resources to make our club the best place it can be
  • Helps us comply with legal requirements

The more people know and understand about our Good Sports Gold Medal accreditation, the better it is for our club. Take a look at the Good Sports website and tell your friends.