Kaitlin Dobing

Kaitlin Dobing





Favourite Team

St Kilda

Favourite Quote

When the going gets tough the tough keep going (right now – but she has too many she lives by day to day)

Harry joined the Jets in 2011 and plays her 11th season for the Jets in 2021. She chose to play AFL because she loves the game and the atmosphere. She feels it brings her closer to family and friends and has been a part of her life since she was a little kid.

Harry plays for the Jets because it is her home and the people within the club have become her family. She loves the community and culture, and the opportunity for development is huge. Harry is most looking forward to getting back into the season for 2021 and being surrounded by the positivity of the club.

Outside of AFL (which is rare), Harry enjoys anything that will get her outdoors.

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