August 18, 2015

Nutrition Advice




The benefits of nutrition on sports performance cannot be underestimated. Ensuring the body is fuelled with appropriate energy sources and kept hydrated is essential for both peak performance and steering clear of fatigue and injury. What you eat on a daily basis as well as pre, during and post exercise will ultimately be the building blocks for the fuel stores you will be using on game day. Whether playing for competition or just a bit of fun, good nutrition is an important consideration for all. See the attached file (above) for the full report.

About The Art of Balance Health Coaching

Emily is a Dietitian accredited with the Dietetics Association of Australia, Nutritionist accredited with Nutrition Australia, Exercise Scientist accredited with Exercise and Sports Science Australia and Personal Trainer accredited with Fitness Australia. She is passionate about holistic health and helping people find balance within their lives.

Emily offers health coaching, personal training, dietetic consultations, group nutrition talks and supermarket tours. She currently practices within Sydney City and Eastern Suburbs as well as offering home visits throughout Sydney and Canberra.