Seniors Jet of the Year – Louise Hambleton

The Senior Jet of the Year Award is the most prestigious annual club award which recognises a person for special service. This award recognises a person who has been an outstanding contributor throughout the year (or cumulatively for that year and past years) in relation to the time and effort they have put into the club at senior level. Their attitude to and their enthusiasm for the seniors in the club will have been an inspiration to all.
This year’s Jet off the Year is awarded to a person who dedicates endless hours at home and at the hangar to support the needs of senior players – Louise Hambleton. How would the seniors part of the club function without Mrs Hambo? singularly manages the club’s merchandise for seniors and junior football teams and netball teams. She is an active contributor to the club’s social event and has led a small team in the arrangements for tonight’s event. Louise spends her game day ensuring players have all they need in preparation for the games, supports the other volunteers in their roles, and packs up at the end of the day. In her spare time, she takes turns at club canteens and bbqs and provides a smile, a laugh and words of welcome to our players. Her efforts in looking after the personal welfare of players is a special attribute which is recognised.
A true volunteer and lifeblood of the seniors community. She cares, she stresses, she laughs and at the end of the day she sits down with a wine in her hand and enjoys a chat about the day’s activities…and what has to be done for the next week! Louise Hambleton deserves to be cast in bronze and placed outside the Hangar. Thanks for all your selfless efforts in 2019 Louise – from everyone at the Jets.