Player Sponsor – Jasmine Gregory and Astral Float Studios

The Jets are proud to announce Jasmine Gregory remaining with the Club for 2018.

Jasmine has teamed up again with her sponsor from last year, Sarah Tisdell, from Astral Float Studios.

Jasmine is playing her second year with the Gungahlin Jets and has been involved with other ACT clubs in past years. She is a great contributor around the club as a volunteer and always involves her young family with club activities. She is used as a defensive player with her years of experience and leadership strengthening our backline for the 2018 season.

Floatation therapy, otherwise known as floating in a float tank/isolation tank/sensory deprivation tank, has many benefits. It helps to reduce stress and pain relief; it can also help lower blood pressure, ease symptoms of anxiety, depression, PTSD and more. Floating can boost your energy levels and provide the mental clarity you’re searching for. Plus it’ll help you pay back some of your sleep debt!  We live in a world surrounded by constant internal and external stimulation. Floating is the ultimate escape – like pressing ‘mute’ on life for a blissful hour (or more!).

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