Life Membership – Tim Caesar

Life Membership is the highest Award available to recognise the exceptional contribution of individuals to the Gungahlin Jets. It is therefore only to be awarded in exceptional circumstances. In determining a worthy recipient of this honour, the Board of Directors is required to be satisfied that a nominee’s service to the club meets the following criteria:

Their service has been conspicuous, seen by the members in its execution or seen by the members as an enduring legacy.

It has been substantial – as measured by the number of years involved, amount of time and effort taken, quality of results and benefit to club and to members.

Their service should be sacrificial – not directly for personal status or kudos and definitely not for personal gain or profit either directly or indirectly.

The character, personal standing and behaviour of the candidate should be beyond reproach.

In 2019, the Jets Board of Directors has unanimously determined that Life Membership of the Gungahlin Jets should be conferred upon Tim Caesar.

Tim has many many years of service to the Jets primarily as a Coach, but also as a player.

Tim has coached many of the boys now in, or moving into, the Seniors over his time with the Jets, serving as a great connection between the junior and senior clubs. Beyond coaching, Tim has mentored and cared for these players, investing a lot of time an energy in their football and personal development. Many parents have reflected on the value of Tim’s support and coaching, noting it as a key reason for their child continuing to play football and staying with the Jets.

Tim lives the Jets’ values and is committed to instilling good sportsmanship in all he trains and mentors. He takes his leadership role seriously and genuinely views football and the Jets as an opportunity to positively build self-esteem and resilience within players, and promote respect, hard work and commitment.

Ways Tim displays his commitment to the reputation and future of the Club include:

o He is constantly looking to recruit to ‘the greatest game’ – from tall strangers in the supermarket, to partners of colleagues, to friends of friends. Starting with only 7 players this season, his relentless recruiting efforts eventually put the womens team in the fortunate position to have to choose a playing list, with former Jets even returning to the Club.

o He is working hard to integrate the junior and Rising Star Women’s teams, and build the pathways to the Senior club through relationship building, combined training and playing opportunities

o He is building a great culture and atmosphere in the Women’s team – one that other teams envy and comment about on the field.

o He actively ensures players are representing the Club positively, professionally and with pride. He does this directly through team and individual discussions such as appearance, behaviour and attitude, and also through leading by example with his own behaviour.

Tim Caesar actively collaborates with the Senior coaching staff and Committee members to ensure:

o The directions of the Board and Committee are lived and visible – working as a united front for a common purpose and to the benefit of the Club

o Pre-season and training sessions are structured to address needs of the players, building on their strengths and supporting them to grow as teams and individuals

o The men’s and women’s teams are better integrated – the results can be seen in the support shown at games, attendance at social events and the clear development of positive relationships across the teams.

· Tim has demonstrated achievement in the field of Coaching through being recognised as a Coach of the Year and his team’s associated Grand Final appearance, the attainment of his level 2 coaching certificate, and through the honour of being appointed as the Senior Women’s coach for the 2019 season. He constantly looks to build his coaching knowledge, improve his techniques and approaches, and better serve his team and Club. He is open with players and parents and genuinely seeks their feedback often to enable the best experience for players and his own personal improvement.

Overall, as a player, a coach, a volunteer and a parent, Tim Caesar has provided a role model for players and supporters at the Jets and local football in general. His passion for the club, the game and its people are recognised by the Gungahlin Jets – TIm Caesar is a contributor whose efforts befit the honour of life membership.