August 18, 2015

Jets Junior Umpire Ambassador

All grades of football need umpires for the smooth running of local competitions.

The majority of umpires recruited come from within football clubs.

Therefore it is critical that umpiring groups and clubs work together to recruit and retain umpires, and create a supportive match day environment for the benefits of all club members.

The Umpire Ambassador program is based on the successful club umpire coordinator system used in the North West and North Shore of the Greater Sydney Juniors Sydney Harbour region.

The Umpire Ambassador will be the key contact for umpires within their junior club, and will focus on the recruitment and retention of umpires and the promotion of a positive match day environment.

Murray Hodge-Neill is the Umpire Ambassador for the Gungahlin Jets Junior Football Club.

The Umpire Ambassador program has been trialed in areas of Sydney and has shown positive results in umpire recruitment and retention.

Murray’s roles as Umpire Ambassador include:

  • Recruiting umpires from within the Club, by promoting umpiring to players, coaches and parents in the Under 11 – U17 age groups.
  • Promoting umpiring when at Club training, through the Club website/newsletter, and any club events.
  • Provide details of the local umpire training and umpiring contacts within the region to club members.
  • Liaise with the Umpire Manager and coaches regarding recruitment, retention, mentors, match day performance and behaviour by umpires.
  • Ensure the club is providing a ratio of at least one umpire per team entered in the competition.
  • Engage the club committee to ensure that umpire recruitment and retention is a part of the club strategy.
  • Assist in the promotion of a positive match day environment within the Club for the benefits of players, umpires, coaches, parents and club volunteers.
  • Assist the Ground Manager on match day (when available) in assisting the umpires.
  • Remind club coaches to submit feedback on umpires regularly.

For more information or inquiries, Murray can be contacted on